Mr. Anil Deshpande

Director International Medical Technologies, Mumbai.
Anil Deshpande

I thank Dr.Ulrich Randoll for invention of Matrix Rhythm Therapy. It’s really blessing and a precious gift to human beings to come out pain and maintain good health. I thank Mrs. Sema Randoll Director of MaRhythe System GmbH for giving us opportunity to represent Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India also an opportunity to serve people in India.

Introduced in September 2009 in India, Matrix Rhythm Therapy has been clinically and academically explored and tested by eminent highly qualified practitioners and academic institutions in India. In the beginning medical practitioners overlooked the method considering it a vibrational therapy and nothing new. They use to agree with the the working principle, concept & research but muscles were not being considered as Heart!! Then the focus was given to shooting goals that is result. Every Matrix Rhythm Therapy Practitioner started experiencing unbelievable success in several chronic and those considered to be difficult cases. The best part is Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a very safe tool as compared to other non-invasive therapy methods.

Clients who had undergone therapy experienced quicker results as compared to conventional therapy methods that helped Matrix Rhythm Therapy to become popular in India. Every Matrix Rhythm Therapy practitioner experienced great success in their practice with this therapy. Every sustainable long-term results developed confidence in therapy and started getting considered the most modern therapy of 21st century.

Through the Matrix concept and Matrix Rhythm Therapy Dr.U.Randoll gives an opportunity for us to understand the variability in human body. Its synchronies co–operation and first time ever in health care industry. We have therapy method that is variable and biological in nature that maintains the variability of our cells, tissue, organs, muscles and body in general.

In these years we focused on establishing “The Matrix Concept” clinically and academically. We understood the success of this therapy and its practitioners depend on their knowledge and application skills. As a part of our services, we have ensured that every Matrix Rhythm Therapy practitioner receives the knowledge and skills required for application.

Dr. Randoll’s research and further development for Matrix Rhythm Therapy concept is a paradigm shift in management of pain and restricted mobility. The Matrix concept addresses the issue at its root cause. The concept drives its focus to the processes involved and effected in manifestation of the disease.

Dr. Randoll’s Matrix Concept is a holistic approach that emphasis on the physiological, natural, harmonic co-operation of living system, interaction and synchronization of mind with body altogether its effects down to the cellular level- macroscopically we experience several symptoms like pain and restricted mobility. To understand this concept and apply in clinical practice to achieve results as expected outcome of this concept, practitioners must have an understanding of concept and application of skills. Considering the importance of training, we selected a team of physiotherapists and trained them under Dr. Ulrich Randoll as an instructor. These instructors are providing training support to practitioners through our regular Workshop and training events.

We invite Dr. Ulrich Randoll to India for further training and interaction with Indian practitioners. In co-operation with Dr. Randoll institute we provide an opportunity of training to Indian practitioners to visit, learn and practice Matrix Rhythm Therapy in matrix centre of Dr. Ulrich Randoll in Germany.

Many Indian practitioners and academicians presented their case studies and experiences in several conferences , many national and International conferences and published their studies and articles in various journals, its gives me an immense pleasure to present this platform as a nationwide network of Indian Matrix Rhythm Therapy practitioners as “Matrix Health Partner”. Matrix Health Partner concept initiated by Mrs. Sema Randoll, was her idea to connect all the Matrix Rhythm Therapy practitioners and provide an opportunity of interaction between them and people interested to know the facts of Matrix Rhythm Therapy concepts and therapy developed by Dr. U. G. Randoll. Individuals interested in experiencing this therapy can have access to all Matrix Health Partners across the country and globally through this platform.

We request you to share this link of platform to your near and dear ones and help us to spread Matrix Rhythm Therapy concept and therapy for prevention, treatment and for management of good health for all. To know more about the concept and therapy methods you are welcome to contact us.