Matrix Rhythm Therapy is invented by Dr. Med. Ulrich. G. Randoll in Germany after his research at university of Erlangen, Munich. As an oral maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Randoll was doing several oral cancer surgeries but was not satisfied with management of pain even using best medicines and therapy methods. He decided to do more research on function of cells as the basic unit of body. In a clinically linked extensive research (1989-1997) Dr Randoll studied the cells of healthy and unhealthy living tissue using high resolution video microscopy. Dr. Randoll arrived at a conclusion that cells in healthy tissue along with the area in which they are also called as extra cellular matrix have very minute vibrations like heart beats. These vibrations are in a pattern like pendulum movement that is oscillations. He found some of the cells were beating 8 times in a second some of them were 9, 10, 11 or 12 beats in one second that is between 8-12 Hz. These harmonic movements are like cooperation between cells with each other and also between areas they are embedded in that is extra cellular matrix. This cooperation is for give and take that is exchange of nutrition, ions, chemical molecules in the form of liquid, gases etc. Dr Randoll called these harmonic movements for cooperation as Rhythm of cells. He observed these rhythmic movements in the tissue and muscle. Slowdown of cell rhythm was observed in unhealthy tissue that affects transportation of fluid and nutrition in the space outside the cell that is extracellular matrix. Based on this research Dr Randoll developed equipment Matrixmobil® to re set Rhythm of cells, tissue and also to improve the quality of Extra Cellular Matrix. Therapy is known as Matrix Rhythm Therapy.