Mrs. Sema Randoll

Managing Director MaRhyThe-Systems GmbH
Sema Randoll

Our network is able to help thousands of people all over the world to live a life with less or without pain and more mobility.

Pain disturbs our life!
People around the world living with stress, psychological and emotional disturbances are a major cause of several health issues. Changes in the environmental conditions are also disturbing our body rhythm. Though modern medicine is making progress, it is not always successful enough to deliver long term solutions for many conditions.Therapists around the world have been using Matrixmobil more than for 22 years. Meanwhile Matrix Rhythm Therapy and Matrix Concept have proven to be very effective and recognized therapies.

In his Matrix Concept, Dr. Randoll points our attention to the rhythmic organisation of living bodies, physiological rhythm in healthy situations and consequences we face when this rhythm is lost. In these situations there is a need for a practitioner who can help to understand the reason that is causing the disturbance.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy, developed by Dr. Randoll, is a blessing to human beings and also to warm blooded animals like our pet dogs, cats, horses, etc. This method is non-invasive and safe, and it relaxes people and animals, which is a great plus! Matrix Rhythm Therapy is an accepted choice of therapy world-wide.

Matrix Health Partners are qualified Matrix Rhythm Therapy practitioners who work according to the Matrix Concept by Dr Ulrich Randoll. It considers the functional disturbances in the rhythmic organisation of the body down to the cellular level.

A well trained, skilled and certified Matrix Health Partner is your partner for good health. He will help relieve your pain and improve your mobility. He will help to prevent possible unhealthy situations and maintain a good quality of your health.
But considering the population, we require more Matrix Health Partners to reach every individual.

Matrix Health Partner network is an international network of Matrix Rhythm Therapy Practitioners. But it is much more than a network. We are all in this network to learn from each other and to help each other. Every individual who is connected with Matrix Rhythm Therapy as a practitioner and therapist, as a beneficiary of therapy or an academic exploring Matrix Rhythm Therapy in research are like family members. Every Matrix Health Partner family member is closely connected to current research. Each Matrix Health Partner family member is a process optimizer and innovative part of the whole, and each of you brings a new understanding of health and relaxation to society. This platform celebrates each Matrix Health Partner individually and tells your individual story and celebrates your success I invite you all to be a part of Matrix Health Partner international network, and thank you for your contribution in organising Rhythm in life.

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